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Hi there, my name is Aya!

I am the shop manager of Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage in Belconnen Canberra. Thank you so much for visiting our site! I have over 10 years’ experience in Thai massage working in Australia and Thailand. Over that time I have performed thousands of massages so I have an excellent understanding of the body and what works for all sorts of different people. It is my mission to make Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage the best Thai massage experience in Canberra. That’s why I ensure our masseurs are experienced and that the shop is a clean and private so you can feel completely comfortable while enjoying your massage experience.

So if you want an amazing and authentic Thai massage experience please call to make a booking now on 6162 0505. Hope to see you soon! Aya.


We are located at Shop 2/34 Cohen Street Belconnen.
Bookings are not essential but it is recommended to ensure you get a spot!
We only take bookings by phone on 6162 0505

Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage in Belconnen, the best Thai massage in Canberra

Our masseurs

We ONLY have FEMALE masseurs from THAILAND. Each has been trained in the art of Thai massage as well as all other popular types of massage like remedial and Thai foot massage. You can be assured that whatever type of massage you choose from our menu you will be serviced by a Thai masseur that has experience in all of them.

What to expect from us

When you visit Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage you can expect we will do our best to look after you from the time you enter our shop to when you leave. Our staff will go the extra mile to make you feel completely relaxed and refreshed before, during and after your massage. And of course you are welcome to relax on the couch and enjoy a cold glass of water or a nice cup of tea after your massage. We pride ourselves on offering you the best quality experience possible so if for any reason you are not happy with your visit please let us know at the time or by calling 6162 0505.

Inside the shop

Our shop is fully air conditioned. We have 2 rooms for singles and 2 large rooms for couples or 2 people that want a room together. And unlike some other massage shops in Canberra our rooms are not separated by curtains. We have very private rooms that have walls from floor to ceiling. Each room has candle lighting and Thai music to totally relax you. We also have a bathroom that is equipped with a toilet, shower and vanity unit.

Our shop is clean

We pride ourselves on providing you with a clean and relaxing environment. We change the bed linen and towels after every massage and use disposable covers on the face pillows. We wash our linen with detergent and hot water after every use and deep clean the shop daily. We don’t take good hygiene for granted so you can feel completely comfortable the shop is clean. You may be shocked to learn that some Thai massage shops use one set of towels for the whole day and for multiple customers. This is often the case when you only pay $59 for a one hour massage.

Our specialties

In addition to foot and Thai massage and foot reflexology, we also offer a luxury face scrub, body and foot scrubs. For this service we have seated facilities or you can lie down on a massage bed. The scrub product we use will exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling so clean and refreshed you will feel amazing, it is truly Thai bliss. In addition to a scrub you can enjoy a massage as well. It is recommended to book at least 90 minutes if you want both services. Please check out our services and pricing page to find out more.

About Choosing a Massage

To make sure you have the best experience possible it’s essential to let the masseur know what you want from your visit. It’s important to do this before and during your massage (if necessary). For example, do you want a pleasant and relaxing experience? Or are you after a therapeutic or deep tissue massage? There is a big difference in the way in which the different styles of massage are applied. Even a Traditional Thai Massage can be applied very hard which may leave your muscles sore afterwards. If you don’t want that it’s vital to communicate before and during the massage or you may not get what you want. This also applies if the massage is too soft!

It’s also important to let us know if you’re pregnant or have a physical impairment. For a pregnancy massage the therapist will use pillows and usually have you lie on your side to make you feel comfortable. If you have a sore back, legs or even a migraine the therapist can style the massage to help with these ailments as well. We don’t mind tailoring your massage time to give you what you want. You may want to include a head or even a hand massage, though when choosing a massage please consider how long the therapy will take. For example, a full body massage cannot be applied in only 30 minutes. Alternatively, 30 minutes might be enough for a head and shoulder or hand massage that might help with a migraine.

The products we use

For traditional Thai massage therapy we use high quality mineral based massage oil and scents for aromatherapy. For face and body scrubs the products can vary but they are high quality such as Infinite Aloe, Tilley’s, Myer and products from The Body Shop. The masseur will give you samples of the scrub product so you can choose which one you like before the service.


Making a booking in advance is highly recommended, however walk-ins are always welcome. We will do our best to service everyone, but those with a booking are assured their spot. Staff availability to service walk-in customers depends on how busy it is that day so it can be hit and miss. We only take bookings by phone on 6162 0505.

Gift vouchers

We sell gift vouchers that are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. There are no restrictions on the day or time a gift voucher can be redeemed while it is valid, but please make a booking in advance to make sure you get your spot. We keep a record of all gift vouchers sold, so if you lose yours please get in touch so we can help you out! Our gift vouchers make the ideal gift for anyone and for any occasion. At the moment we can only sell gift vouchers is store.


There is a large PRIVATE car park with a boom gate at the back of the building we are located in on Cohen Street. We have a dedicated parking space that our customers can use at any time on WEEK DAYS, but you will need to let us know you want to park there when you book so we can open the boom gate when you arrive (offering this service may be limited on very busy days). On WEEKENDS the boom gate is open so you can park in any available space. There is also signed on street parking directly in front of our shop, although be careful because it has a 15 minute limit. If you’re lucky enough to be able to park in a loading zone there is 2 of them on the street in front of the shop. Some customers park on Rae Street which has on street parking and of course you can always park in the Westfield car park and walk over.


Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your treatment so we can organise payment and you can change into the appropriate attire. For various reasons the appointments can occasionally run slightly over time, usually only by about 5 minutes or so. In this case please take a seat and a staff member will be with you soon. We hope this does not put you out and you can rest assured that if we are running slightly over time it will not impact on your massage time. If you attend our shop and no one is at the counter please take a seat and a staff member will be with you as soon as possible.

Pricing and payment options

All prices include oil even if you choose aromatherapy. We accept cash and cards. Payment must be made upfront before the service. All prices include GST and you can see our range of services here.

Shop etiquette

To keep our shop peaceful and harmonious for everyone please mute or turn off your mobile phone while on the premises. Our rooms are very private, but sound can carry so we ask that everyone be aware of the noise they are making while in the shop. For people under the age of 18 we can provide massage services, but only if they are accompanied but a parent or guardian.

Preparation for your massage

Depending on the type of massage you want will determine if you need to undress. Some types of massage can be applied with clothes on if that’s what you want, however if removal of clothes is required than underwear must be worn. Our rooms are very private so you can feel completely comfortable whilst you’re in our shop. Please note that if you take your underwear off than you may be asked to leave without a refund depending on the circumstances.

Your privacy

Before your massage the therapist will leave you in the closed room alone to undress in private. During the massage you will be covered with towels on all parts of your body not being treated. The door to the room will be kept closed during treatment to ensure your privacy. After your massage you will be left alone in the room to change back into your clothes.

If you’re running late

Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your arrival, however depending on how busy we are you may miss your appointment all together. If the appointment does go ahead the time allocated for your massage may be reduced so as not to inconvenience other customers.


We always do our best to accommodate your needs and understand that sometimes you cannot make your appointment. We really appreciate having at least 2 hour notice if this is the case, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch no matter how soon your appointment may be. It is very frustrating and disrespectful when people simply don’t show up. When that’s the case we will likely refuse any future reservations from that person.

If you do need to cancel your appointment you can text us on 0477 879 999 or call us on 6162 0505 to let us know. Please just state your name and the time of your appointment and that you want to cancel.

Our quality commitment

We strive to make sure our customers get the best quality service and value for money possible. If you feel that the service you received did not meet your expectations please tell us at the time or call back later on 6162 0505 to let us know. We can discuss your experience and hopefully provide remediation.

Your feedback is important to us and it helps our business to grow. And we love to hear about good experiences and really appreciate getting a good review on our Facebook page (or anywhere else)!

Private Health Funds

Unfortunately we cannot process Private Health Insurance rebates at this time.

Security cameras

We have several security cameras installed on the premises. This is for staff and customer safety. Please note that the cameras are only installed in common areas such as the reception area and the hallway. Unfortunately they cannot be turned off if you feel uncomfortable about it. The recorded footage is not retained permanently.


Occasionally we may send you a text message to let you know about special offers or holiday trading hours. Please note that this is done in house and we DO NOT share your phone number with third parties. If you do not want to receive the text messages you can simply reply to it saying STOP and your number is then removed from the database.

To those thinking about asking, we offer therapeutic massage services ONLY!

You will EMBARRASS YOURSELF if you ask for anything else.

















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