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Shop 2/34 Cohen Street Belconnen Canberra

PH: 6162 0505


10am to 10pm 7 days

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60 Mins. | $90
Jasmine Package A

30 Mins. Every Kind Therapy Massage
30 Mins. Traditional Thai Foot Massage

90 Mins. | $130
Jasmine Package B

60 Mins. Every Kind Therapy Massage
30 Mins. Traditional Thai Foot Massage

120 Mins. | $170
Jasmine Package c

90 Mins. Every Kind Therapy Massage
30 Mins. Traditional Thai Foot Massage

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What makes us different?

At Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage we like to think of you as more than just another person paying for a massage. Our staff will look after you from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. We care about the service we provide and want you to have the most relaxing experience possible. After your massage you can stay and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat if you want to.

Our Rooms

Our rooms are very private. Unlike some other places where the rooms are separated by curtains our rooms have walls from floor to ceiling. Every room is air conditioned to ensure comfort and we have electric blankets on the beds in winter to ensure you are warm and cosy. Our shop has 2 rooms for singles and 2 rooms that cater for couples massage as well.


Our shop is clean. We use disposable bed and face covers and wash our linen in hot water after every use. We will also try our best to cater to customers with special needs such as allergies. You can feel totally comfortable asking for a room without candles or for linen that is not washed in scented washing detergent (please book ahead). We will do our best to look after everyone and have no problem being asked to cater to your needs.

An authentic Thai experience

There are many massage places in Canberra so you are probably asking yourself if there is an authentic Thai massage near me? Well if you live on the north side then yes there is! Although no matter where you live in Canberra coming to Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage Belconnen is worth the drive. Why, because our massage therapists are from Thailand and know that Thai massage is not just any type of asian massage. We only have masseurs from Thailand who are trained in the art of Thai massage and have many years of experience. So if you do go somewhere else and want an authentic Thai experience make sure you ask if your masseur is actually Thai!

To those thinking about asking, we offer therapeutic massage services ONLY!

You will EMBARRASS YOURSELF if you ask for anything else.

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